Shiv Dharma
Shiva शिव धर्म is Supreme God of Universe who created all Universe and all god goddess messenger human souls by Shivling .

Shiva Kundalini

Shiva dharma tune human body soul with supreme god Shiva. Force universe law in hidden way that makes life and universe possible, and includes duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and ‘‘right way of living’’.In Shiva Dharma means ALL universe control by cosmic law of Shiva and keep in order by various god and goddess . Dharma in shivaism refers to the teachings of deep mantra meditation to control of the body and soul cleaning chakra and awake kundalini by Mantra Meditation during purification and moral transformation of human beings.


Shiv dharma - The Traps of Illusion Disbelief in the Oneness of God SHIVA SHAKTI The foundation of Shiv dharma is the belief in the Oneness of God Shiva Adhi Shakti – Conversely, the greatest sin is to ascribe partners or equals with Shiva. Thus, tempting mankind into disbelief is work of Demon thought , main focus. However, if Demon cannot mislead people to commit clear acts of disbelief, he resorts to more subtle means, such as the belief in superstitions, good luck charms, astrology and fortune telling. Such beliefs contradict the fact that Shiva alone has power and knowledge over all things, and is the Only One Who can bring benefit or harm. The Kalki Purana describes him as a huge being, the color of “soot,” with a large tongue, and a terrible stench. From his birth, he carried an Upaasthi (worship) bone. The Kalki Purana says that this demon chose gambling, liquor, prostitution, slaughter and gold as his permanent abodes."[2] The Sanskrit-English Dictionary states Kali is "of a class of mythic beings (related to the Gandharvas, and supposed by some to be fond of gambling)".[3] The Bhagavata Purana describes him as a sudra wearing the garments of a king.[4] An early 20th century anti-beef eating pamphlet protesting the slaughter of the sacred cow in India portrays Kali as a brownish-skinned demon with a dog-like face, protruding fangs, pointed ears, long green bushy hair and wearing a red loin cloth and golden jewelry. (See Religion and politics) Demon will lure a person to invent wrong beliefs and practices into Dharma which were neither ordained by Shiva nor by follow god goddess . In fact, create unnecessary discussion about supremacy between , Vishnu ,Brahma goddess , and about Shiva Ling . Shiva has made certain rule regulation, obligatory on every one , the most regular of which is the two times worship prayers, and complete liberation moksha for deep mantra meditation . Therefore, Demon seeks to make us neglectful of prayers so that we fall down further into sin.

Shiva Dharma

Sati Sucide Bomb a woman, ostensibly of her own free will, burns herself to death on to honour of Shiva Shakti Dharma . In its most generic version, the myth goes like this: Sati was one of the daughters of Daksha, himself a son of Brahma. Sati wanted to marry Siva but Daksha was not pleased because he considered Siva an outsider — wild , and with all the wrong friends. Shiva’s love all human souls. Sati, clearly a determined and strong-willed woman, married to Lord Shiva anyway. One day, Daksha started preparations for a massive and magnificent sacrifice. He invited everyone that he could, his many sons-in-law were given pride of place. But he did not invite Supreme Lord Shiva , this act of ignorance of all rule regulation of Shiva dharma . Sati was incensed, believing that her husband had been humiliated. She stormed into her father’s sacrifice, demanding that her husband be acknowledged. When that did not happen, she immolated herself in in a fire born of righteous anger. Siva heard of his wife’s death and was bereft, mad with grief. Sent Mahakali and Virbhadra to destroy and killed Dakhsa . Shiva placed Sati charred body on his shoulders and began the dance of destruction. As he danced, parts of Sati’s body fell to the earth and became sacred places, sakti peethas, where the goddess could be worshipped.
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